Slovarm was founded in 2000 as a successor company to Slovak Fittings Myjava. It specializes on house and apartment fittings, as well as components for air, cold and hot water, steam and central heating supply systems.

With more than a hundred business partners from Czech republic and Slovakia, thirty cooperative partners and with the export to 24 countries round the world the company plays an important role in Central and Eastern European markets. There are many well-established companies among our clients, such as: Gienger, Wosley, PIPE LIFE, Wavin, VAG Group, NIBE.

Slovarm company can rely on the long-term expertise and good training of its employees and operators skilled in the fitting production. Together with special technology of processing brass material to the final product they form the base upon which the company can stand.


A company with more than fifty years of expertise in the field of technical plastic mold and sanitary ware in Slovakia and Czech republic has been the member of Energy Group since 2016.

The company is equipped with technologies and production capacity enabling it to produce – apart from the standard offer – special customized products according to the needs of the customer. Our business partners are renowned european companies from mechanical engineering, electronics and consumer industries Exports mainly to the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Serbia and Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina..

Since October 18, 2004 Slovplast has been granted ISO 9001:2000 certification by SGS.


PREMATLAK is the biggest slovak producer of temperature and pressure gauges active on Central and Eastern European markets.

It develops, produces, sells and provides service to a wide range of pressure gauges, mechanic and electronic temperature gauges, accessories to pressure and temperature gauges, heat and pressure sensors, including the spare parts.

The company offers services in the field of production and development of special pressure gauges, customized tailor-made production, exclusive product warranty period, product knowledge training and seminars, warranty and post-warranty service and counseling.

PREMATLAK is a well-established and certified supplier of measurement and regulation gauges for companies such as: SPP Bratislava, Duslo Šaľa, Slovnaft Bratislava, Slovenské Železnice (Slovakrail), ENEL – Mochovce nuclear power plant, RWE, MOL Budapest and hungarian railways MAV.

HKS Forte

With 30 years of expertise in forging and its sub-processes HKS Forge has become a renowned producer of die forgings for mechanic engineering industry in Europe. After joining the Energy Group in 2003 it has undergone a massive modernization.

HKS Forge can offer vast expertise in the production of forgings for multiple use in car, building, transport and mechanical engineering industries. Our clients are companies from twelve different countries, including Opel, Toyota, Siemens, Claas, Jos, Saf Holland a i.

Prvá teplárenská

The company was founded in 1998. It specializes in production and distribution of heat and distribution of electricity and water. Since 2001 the company enriched its portfolio by the procurement of services bound to proper use of flats, apartment houses and non-residential premisses.

The annual heat distribution consists of more than 90.000 Gj. We currently supply heat on permanent basis to more then 3200 households. The heat is distributed directly from our own system, or via big suppliers, such as ČEZ group.

Apart from operating its heating systems, the qualified staff of Prvá teplárenská a.s. has all the due certification to provide assembly and warranty services of the network

Bytový podnik Myjava

The company´s field of expertise is the production and distribution of heat, together with the administration and rental of apartment houses and non-residential premisses

Since 1993 Myjava housing company has been operating the network of heating systems with five gas boiler rooms and six heat transfer stations. Since 2014 it has been using a combined heat and power generation (CHP) to produce heat. The housing company focuses on improving constantly the heat effectivity of its network.

In the administration portfolio of Housing Company Myjava there are 67 apartment houses with 1542 apartments and non residential premises in Myjava and 12 houses with 200 apartments and non residential premisses in Brezová pod Bradlom.

Aqua Eko

The company was founded in 2006. It specializes in the production of electricity from renewable sources.

AQUA-EKO is building the Ružbašská Miľava dam which is one of the set of dams on the Poprad river. The power plant runs on two Kaplan turbines with a built-in electricity producer technology and maximum power capacity of 1MW. for VSD a.s., Košice.

The river´s potential to produce electricity is being harnessed by the set of dams as a part of renewable energy sources program which contributes also to the flood protection of the whole Poprad river basin.

The integral part of the small power plant is a modern fish ladder with elements that enable the fish to migrate up the Poprad river. It makes it possible for fish to swim against the current for 130 meters with the elevation of 8 meters and reach the waters of the dam from under the weir.

BPS Čečejovce

The biogas power plant Čečejovce with its maximum power capacity of 999 kW has been in operation since 2012. It uses the technology of electricity production from renewable sources as it combusts biogas produced from anaerobic fermentation.

Maize in the form of silage from our partner company, agricultural cooperative PD Čečejovce forms the base of our biogas production which is subsequently transformed into energy. The annual consumption of maize silage reaches 14 000 tons.

Čečejovce biogas power plant has estimated annual electricity production of 8200 MWh. It also produces heat as a byproduct which is used for heating the plant premisses, hot water supply and a heat source for drying crops. The organic residues of fermentation process are re-used as a field fertilizer.

PD Čečejovce

The agricultural cooperative PD Čečejovce manages 1820 ha of agricultural land, of which 55 ha are used as pastures. On the remaining land we grow, in particular, wheat, barley, maize, sunflowers and alfalfa sprouts.

In animal husbandry we specialize in Holstein dairy cattle breeds, counting 600 heads.

Since 2015 we have been producing a wide range of dairy products from cow milk in our own cheesemaking factory. You can buy them in our showroom. Together with quality beef from our slaughterhouse they can be found in our showroom.

PD Bohdanovce

The agricultural cooperative PD Bohdanovce disposes of 1068 ha of agricultural land, of which 275 ha are used as pastures. On the remaining 793 ha we grow wheat, barley, maize and sunflowers.

In animal husbandry we specialize in Charolais beef cattle breed, counting 237 heads.

The agricultural cooperative´s premisses have been rebuilt and modernized. In the field of automation it cooperates with the affiliate companies in the region, i.e. the agricultural cooperatives PD Čečejovce and PD Bohdanovce.

Since 2015 we have been producing a wide range of dairy products from cow milk in our affiliate´s agricultural cooperative Čečejovce cheesemaking factory.

PD Nižný Lanec

The agricultural cooperative PD Nižný Lánec manages 563 ha of agricultural land, of which 51 ha are used as pastures. It grows wheat, maize and sunflowers.

In animal husbandry we specialize in Charolais beef cattle breed, counting 400 heads

The agricultural cooperative´s premisses have been rebuilt and modernized. In the field of automation it cooperates with the affiliate companies in the region, i.e. the agricultural cooperatives PD Čečejovce and PD Bohdanovce.

Since 2015 we have been producing a wide range of dairy products from cow milk in our affiliate´s agricultural cooperative Čečejovce cheesemaking factory.

PD Močidlany

The agricultural cooperative PD Popudinské Močidlany is situated in the Skalica district. At present, it manages 1015.54 ha of land, of which 996.40 ha is taken up by arable land and 19.14 ha is permanent grassland.

The agricultural cooperative is a producer of cereals, rapeseed, fodder, corn for grain and for silage. The animal husbandry focuses on Limousine beef cattle breeds and cattle fattening.

The agricultural cooperative focuses on growing quality and healthy products, providing fodder fund for animal husbandry and ensuring the high quality of meat products.

Hotel sv. Ludmila

The hotel is situated in a quiet woodland environment near the historical centre of Skalica, offering a high standard of services to the customers.

The hotel facilities include wellness, hotel restaurant and a wine cellar. The hotel rooming capacity includes 42 single and double rooms, three luxury apartments and one barrier-free room.

Hotel St. Ludmila can offer a fully equipped congress hall with 130 seats making it a preferred choice for organizing events.

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Towards the end of 2018 the Energy Group, together with the employees, celebrated 25 years of its…

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EG Offered Financial Aid to 25 Employees

4. 3. 2019

Celebrating its 25th anniversary of the Energy Group, the management of the group, together with the affiliate partner companies, decided to offer financial aid to 25 employees who found themselves in the situation of need.

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7. 1. 2019

Continuity is an essential aspect of support. This is why the Energy Group, together with its member companies of SLOVARM, SLOVPLAST and Bytový podnik Myjava (Myjava Housing Company), supports financially the non-governmental organizations in Myjava region on regular basis.

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